Anyone can make a static time machine...MINE WORKED1



Journal entry

My time machine was finally finished. It had taken a week to track down all the parts, most of which came from yard sales and Ebay. I was on a small budget and certain compromises needed to be made. The finished model, more of a prototype really, was not impressive to look at. There were a few holes in the fuselage due to a shady Ebay seller that did not send to me the whole amount of tin promised and a couple miscalculations on my part. The holes were cleverly covered in corrugated cardboard secured with silver duct tape.

Several selector switches were old, tired and worked intermittently but were too nice to be replaced entirely with newer models.

Anyone could build a shiny new STATIC time machine model that did nothing but look pretty. Mine worked!   Despite all the little quirks and superficial flaws, my machine traveled time safely.

I will not bore you with all the scientific jargon as to how the machine actually worked. Explaining the manipulation of time could take many pages and undoubtedly you, the reader, would not make it to where we are now, the important part of the story.

One tiny improvement that needed work was timeline distance. You see my time machine could only travel backwards 1 week before returning to home. Do not think this humorous. This is nothing an additional power supply would not fix. If you have built your own time traveling device you will know it is certainly a challenge that one may face.

The maiden voyage of my historical machine, would go back one week in time, the maximum distance. Much thought was given. A week ago did an event happen that could be altered for the benefit of mankind? No noble idea presented itself. I decided mankind as a whole could wait.

Maybe there was was some way of helping myself or even a simple comfort that I could offer when I went back. A memory of a visit to a local restaurant came to mind. The meal had been especially tasty but left me with a fierce case of heartburn, throughout the evening. Sleep had not come quickly and I tossed and turned until early in the morning. That was the event I would change.

My plan was to go back in time 1 week, warn myself of that meal that ended badly, miss the sleepless night and return to the present. Had I slept better that night I would have been fresher the next day and most likely would have started even earlier on my fantastic machine.

Theoretically the shock of meeting a past self with a future self could have bad implications on the former. Just to be safe I threw together a disguise so my past self would not know it was him..uh me.  The disguise consisted of a fake beard, hat and old trench coat from storage in the garage. Some foul liquid had spilled on the coat leaving it smelly but there was no time to correct the situation and I placed the outfit in the machine.

The rain drizzled outside as I climbed into the time machine. Departure went just as planned.

Some of you may be wondering what time travel is like. Well it isn’t like riding in a car or on a bike. There is no motion to it as the location stays the same but the time changes. At the start of traveling through time one feels an electrical charge all around. Then there is a flash of light as day turns to night and back to day. The flashing gets faster and faster depending on how far back one is going. If you choose to do, it I recommend bringing sunglasses along or even better building a machine without windows as the flashing can make one woozy.

I arrived at the correct time one week prior just as planned, put on my clever disguise and hurried off to the restaurant to find my past self.

My past self was just about to go into the restaurant. In my excitement to get there in time I rushed up and grabbed past self by the shoulders. “Don’t eat the spaghetti!! Don’t eat the spaghetti!!” I yelled like a crazy person. I wanted to better history if only for myself.

My past self appeared frightened and ran into toward the door. Message delivered I returned to my trusty time machine.



Journal Entry

Just got home from the hospital. A scary but oddly familiar man assaulted me as I was going into my favorite restaurant a week ago. The man smelled awful and was shouting something about “Spaghetti! Spaghetti!” If I see him again I will spaghetti him!

I can’t remember much of what happened. The restaurant staff said I ran in from outside and the floor was not dry from a recent mopping. I slipped, hit my head and have been in the hospital for a week with a concussion. The Doctor’s say my memory may come back eventually but there are several weeks of my memory missing.

Oddly an order of tin and some miscellaneous electrical parts arrived yesterday from Ebay. Wonder what it could be for. Sigh..guess I will play some video games.

Anyone can make a static time machine...MINE WORKED1
Anyone can make a static time machine…MINE WORKED1