Quail eggs are delicious and cute too.

Quail Eggs For Sale a Techdadz Adventure



There are some nice folks that live down the road from me that sell chicken, duck and quail eggs. At least in the past all of these have been available. Our girls quit laying for awhile this summer due to the heat then the days got short so a single egg every other day was about all we could expect to get. Due to a higher demand and a shorter supply I purchase fresh eggs from the people down the road.

The quail eggs taste great but weren’t as easy to prepare as the chicken eggs and the females of the house say the duck eggs have a peculiar odor. When given the option of happy wife happy life or the alternative I choose happy life so no duck eggs.

There is a delicious food dish I want to present here on Techdadz and chicken eggs just won’t do for this special food. I made a trip to “The egg lady”, that’s what we call the nice lady down the road that sells eggs, and checked to see if she had any quail eggs. “No quail eggs”, she said “No one was buying them and it cost too much to keep the quail”.

“Now what?” I thought. Quit? NEVER!!

Well I did what any computer wielding home school dad would do….went to craigslist.

I typed in “quail eggs” and looked through a few ads advertising quail chicks and Voila there was an add that said:             Fresh quail eggs. Dozen for $3.00/ 18 eggs for $4.00/ 2 Dozen for $5.00 / 50 eggs for $10.00

There was even a picture:

Quail eggs are delicious and cute too.
Quail eggs are delicious and cute too.


I called the number and was greeted by a very friendly English speaking woman with a thick Russian accent. She lived in another city but said she would come to me if needed, to deliver the eggs.

Offering delivery service 45 minutes away was very generous but we had a soccer practice near where the nice lady with the accent worked so we jumped in the car and went that way. Daughter/mama team dropped off at practice allowed son/dad team to go meet quail egg lady.

The woman’s name is Lyubov (pronounced LUB-YA) and she is a Russian American. I have to confess I found her accent charming and who can say “LUB-YA” without smiling. Say it several times and enjoy how it feels to say it.

If I start saying her name I find it hard to stop.

A-man and I met her and she approached us with a large smile. I had it in my mind that the quail eggs were $3 a dozen and that is true for 1 dozen. I wanted 2 dozen and received a surprise discount. The discount combined with her large smile and the “Lub-Ya” name prompted me to pay $7 instead of the quoted $5. That’s just how I roll.

Be on the lookout very soon for some delicious, nutritious (what’s another tritious word that rhymes?) Uh…Narcissus, No that’s not it.

How about delicious, nutritious and ambitious recipes that will make your taste buds happy. The food will also have a cute factor that is impressive.

If you are interested in quail eggs let me know at [email protected] and I can help you contact Lyubov.

Quail eggs Vs Chicken eggs

  1. Quail eggs are richer tasting because the yolk to white ratio is higher.
  2. Quail eggs have slightly more fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Quail eggs are easy to prepare though cracking the shells takes a little more time.