A-man is proud of his shirt. The shirt is like techdadz because here "we are a little cooler"

Our Son With Prader-Willi Syndrome Tells Us Like It Is

Our son A-man has Prader-Willi Syndrome and Autism. There are many challenges daily but many rewards as well. He is a blessing and the way he looks at the World often introduces us to a new facet we have overlooked before. Here are a couple of short videos that I made with a cell phone. The quality is not the best as the videos were taken on the spot as he started talking.

The first video is about a new shirt that he recently got at the mall. The shirt has a refrigerator next to a cooler. The cooler says to the refrigerator “I am a little cooler” take a look:



The next video is one of A-man waking my wife and I up in the morning and telling us about Jesus. The video is dark due to the lighting in our room and is sideways because of the angle I was shooting it at. The audio however is a gem.

Take a look at this short video.