This is one of the best tasting and decadent burgers you will ever experience.

Celebrity Named Super Sandwich




Have you ever wished that one day you would be cool enough or famous enough to have a sandwich named after you? Celebrity sandwiches get named for several reasons. Sometimes the sandwich gets named after the creator such as “The Reuben“. There are times when the famous person that favorites a particular sandwich gets the credit like “The Elvis” and there are instances where a person is just larger than life “The Marilyn Monroe” or “Hugh Hefner Sandwich“.

Whatever the case having a sandwich named after oneself is quite an accomplishment and doesn’t come easy.

That said, thank you for joining me today as I unveil an extraordinary sandwich that I have recently discovered while in my humble kitchen. As the first paragraph might lead you to believe this special sandwich also has the privilege of being named after a famous person. Let’s start with the sandwich and I will introduce the person after the sandwich is ready.

We will start with an Aioli Sauce that is simple in preparation but glorious in taste.

Here are the ingredients:

4 cloves garlic

2 egg yolks

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

3/4 cup olive oil

1/2 teaspoon cold water

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon chipotle pepper in adobo sauce

In a food processor chop garlic cloves, chipotle pepper with adobo and salt then pour in medium sized bowl. Whisk in Dijon mustard then the egg yolks. Pour in 1/2 of oil slowly while whisking thoroughly. Mix in water then slowly pour in remaining oil while whisking well. Sauce will thicken as you mix. If sauce is too thin add an additional egg yolk. If sauce gets too thick add additional water to thin.


Cherry smoked bacon works best with this burger. Apple wood and Hickory smoked are also good choices.

Fry or broil until crisp. Set aside


Patty burger using 1/2 pound of ground Bison for authenticity. If Bison is not available Beefalo is a good substitute or good ground beef. Once burger is pattied cut round hole in center using measuring cup or small jar. Burger patty should resemble a large meat doughnut. Fry burger on griddle or in pan.

When burger is cooked through (juice runs clear and/or is 160 degrees in the center of the meat) pour 3 shelled quail eggs into the center hole being careful not to break the yolk. ***Bison cooks faster than hamburger.

Continue frying until eggs are cooked. Burger may be carefully flipped to cook all eggs.

Top burger with 2 slices of cheese and allow cheese to melt.  I chose Velveeta cheese slices as it melts easily but cheddar or one of your favorite cheeses will be tasty.

Once cheese melts top with Cherry wood smoked bacon


While burger/eggs are cooking place small amount of butter in pan, heat and toast sesame seed burger buns. Once toasted lightly coat top toasted side of buns with  chipotle aioli Sauce.


Transfer burgers to aioli toasted buns. Top with ketchup, mustard and your favorite toppings. Serve with fries and enjoy this amazing burger.

**This is the best burger I have ever tasted and I have tasted many burgers


Kimberly Turner is a Canadian super model, Web Chef extraordinaire, Fitness enthusiast, CEO, wonderful daughter and entrepreneur among other things. Kimberly has helped highlight many peoples blogs and recipes, (mine included), in her fun and informative videos. Recently Kimberly has produced and recorded her 1000th cooking show and is internationally recognized as an outstanding web chef.

Find Kimberly at:

This recipe is dedicated to Kimberly Turner, not because she created the burger, not because it is her favorite snack just because she one of those larger than life people that are a rarity in life. She is one of those positive people that enjoys helping others achieve success.

The burger is exceptional at how it tastes just as Kimberly is exceptional at what she does. From here on out this larger than life and fantastic tasting burger with, origins in a humble kitchen, will be known as: (drum roll please)

“The Kimberly Turner”

The standard of which all burgers will be measured in the future.
The standard of which all burgers will be measured in the future.



Thanks you Kimberly Turner for your shows, dedication and cooking sensations
Thanks you Kimberly Turner for your shows, dedication and cooking sensations