How to fix a Saiga ProMag magazine

I received a 10 round ProMag in the mail for my Saiga 12. I had already re-profiled the bolt and the magazine loaded easy even on a closed bolt. It released from the mag well easy also…almost too easy but I didn’t think much of it and went to the range to try it out.

At the range I encountered a problem. The magazine would shoot a shell or two but would upon shooting the mag would often come out of the Saiga. Shooting 1 or 2 shots out of a 10 round mag then stopping to put the mag back in,  is not the kind of fun I thought it would be so I went home worried that my new mag was a dud.

After a little research I found that this is an easily corrected problem. Like some other things with the Saiga shotgun I discovered that the ProMag needs a little tweeking at first to fix this issue (please don‘t confuse tweeking with twerking. Twerking will not help fix your magazine).

Below is the image of a New out of the box ProMag magazine. On the upper right of the magazine just above where it says Made in USA are 2 ribbed plastic triangles. The triangles are circled in red on the image below. These triangles are on both sides of the mag.




You will notice on the far right triangle, it is just a little higher than the triangle on the left. When the mag is inserted that little piece of plastic on the far right triangle keeps the mag from seating in correctly.


magazine 4


To remedy the problem the little ridge of plastic must be removed from both sides. Here are some ways to remove it:

1. A dremmel tool if you have one (100 grit or more sandpaper recommended)
2. Small file
3. sandpaper
4.Shave it off with a pocket knife
5. Heat a butter knife and melt the ridge off

The important thing is to go slow and be patient. Take just the ridge off being careful not to take too much.

With this small adjustment to the magazine your Saiga will be shooting the whole magazine with no worries. The mag locks tight in place and will not accidentally fall out of the mag well. This is frustrating and embarrassing at the range and could be fatal when using the weapon for home defense.

Owning, shooting and customizing this semi automatic shotgun is very rewarding.

Thanks for joining me here.

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