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GUNS AT THEATERS why are women singled out?


My son and I went to a theater tonight. With mom and sister away it was the perfect chance for some guy time. My son is 16 and has Prader Willi Syndrome and Autism. We choose to see The Peanuts Movie.

Tonight the air is a little chilly out and son and I are wearing big hoodies with a lot of room.

We pay  for our tickets, go inside and get inline to show our tickets for admission. The middle aged woman in front of us is stopped by the elderly ticket taker and told “Maam, I will need to look in your purse before you can enter.” She says “you checked my purse 5 minutes ago when I went to the bathroom.” but gives the man her purse to check again.

The ticket taker takes a glance through the contents of her purse and lets her go. Son and I walk through with no mention of a search. The woman is standing by a wall and as we pass I stop and say “I think it is rude to do purse searches.” She replies “With all the people getting shot in theaters it is something we have to put up with.”

I am a good sized man. 5’7″ 220 pounds. I could have a pistol or several pistols concealed on me in numerous areas. There could be a pistol in the small of my back, a pistol under each arm, with the big hoodie I am wearing there could be a hand grenade and extra ammo in the hood. For that matter I could have an UZI under my coat and son could have a small 380 under his baseball cap but we are smiled at and told “your theater is the second on the left” and allowed to pass. Does this make any sense to anyone? Apparently it does to the theater administration.

There are no metal detectors, no security people, even the type without guns…as far as I can tell there is no security at all except for Methusala the ticket taker over there targeting women with purses.

In brief research I have not come up with a single Woman that was involved in a Mass Shooting at a theater or anywhere else for that matter. Time Magazine says:

Whenever there’s a mass shooting or massacre, there’s a 98% chance the perpetrator is a man.


After the movie (a tearjerker in a couple places) I ask a young man behind the concession area about the security. I ask “Are the front doors locked during a showing” “No” is the response.

No doors are locked so anyone off the street can just walk in. There are no security people there. The kid did say there were a couple of guns locked up in the office safe. Really? Locked up in a safe. I wonder if anyone has been trained with them or for that matter knows the combination to the safe. During the showing the only employee near the lobby was the kid cleaning the popcorn machine. Aside from a kid throwing popcorn kernels at a shooter coming through the front doors, there would be nothing standing between many theaters full of unarmed people with no other protection.

The kid said every 15 minutes or so he was supposed to walk around and look. OKAY. He went on to say “He didn’t like searching women’s purses.” He said “alot of people think we are trying to find food but we really don’t care if people bring food in. We do the search to check for guns.” The young man stated that sometimes he would keep his eye on a woman with an extra large handbag and try to casually walk by and look in her handbag so she didn’t notice. That isn’t security that is just plain creepy!


Doing these things gives people a false confidence and make movie patrons LESS safe.


Personally I believe to truly make theaters safer someone armed (like a security guard) might do a better job of it than relying on a popcorn throwing kid. If you are going to check theater goers why not check people that actually fit the profile of a shooter? Would metal detectors possibly hinder someone from packing a gun in…maybe?

I think the best way to safe up theaters would be to give hefty discounts to people with concealed carry permits or even encourage certain individuals to open carry. I know the media says if a weapon is black with a synthetic stock it an assault rifle while a semi-matic hunting rifle is not because it has a wood stock.

The solution might be to un-scary guns. Maybe have a gun day where everyone brings guns in that are not black in color but maybe those that are pastel or pink in color instead.

Maybe part of the solution might be to do something that makes sense and quit stalking women with big handbags.